Creative works by author Dan Foley.

Why do I write Horror?

People constantly ask me why I write horror. My answer, “Because I like it.” A better answer would be, “Because I want to disturb you.” I don’t want to scare you. I’m not sure a story on paper can scare you, but it can sure as hell disturb you. But, the thing is I don’t start out trying to disturb you, hopefully it just happens as I put words to the things that disturb me.

Another reason I write the stuff I do is because I get to play around in my (your) mind. You may not believe in ghosts, but somewhere inside you there is a little kernel of doubt that they might be real. That same kernel is in the back of my mind too. So, I just bring it out, polish it up, and present it to you. Hopefully you can believe in them for at least the time you are reading my story.

Horror also spans a great deal. I don’t feel constricted by the genre. Abandoned, my next novel is more of a thriller than a straight horror piece, but there are certainly some horror type aspects to it. It’s more of a “Silence of The Lambs” type thing. “Intruder” is a ghost story with the added suspense of being on a nuclear submarine. My debut novel “Death’s Companion” is impossible to classify. My short story collection, however, is definitely horror. And then there’s “Reunion,” it’s a creature feature. That one hasn’t found a home yet, but it’s knocking on the door.

So, yes, generally, I write horror, but I don’t confine myself to the normal horror tropes. I’m open to just about anything as long as I don’t write the same story twice.

I’m almost done with the first draft of “Wolf’s Tale,” a follow up to “Intruder.” The main character is a carryover from “Intruder,” but it’s completely different even though it is a ghost story. After that, well, I’m not sure after that. All I know is I’m going to have fun writing it and reading it. I love being the first one to read what I write.