Creative works by author Dan Foley.

Where do ideas come from?

This is a question every writer gets asked. The answer is… everywhere. Here’s the backstory behind the inspiration for the “Whispers of Crows”, the lead story in my short story collection by the same name.

In addition to writing, I also enjoy bird watching. So, on my first trip to Seattle, WA, I was hoping to see a lot of western birds I don’t get to see back east. Didn’t happen, all I saw were crows, and they were everywhere. While I was out there I also read a story in the paper about a Native American museum that was refusing to accept a totem pole that was carved by a felon because they believe the totem takes on the attributes of the carver. Those two elements came to play a major role in the story. Now we throw in my son-in-law who is into music and plays guitar. Add to that that his family is deeply involved in trains, and that he has one tattooed on his chest, and there you have it, all the elements that lead to “The Whispers of Crows”.

An added bonus is that when I put the collection together, each story in it became a whisper. Pretty neat how that worked out. Another neat thing about the book, my daughter Jesse did the artwork for the cover.