Creative works by author Dan Foley.

Things Written in Days Past

Sometimes when I reread something I wrote in the past I look at it and say, “Did I write that?” Sometimes the words flow so smoothly I’m amazed they came from me. Sometimes, not so much. The one constant is I could not write THAT story today. A story is a child of its time as well as the mind that conceived it. So, could I go back and rewrite a story, express the idea that gave it birth in a different voice? Sure, but it would be a different tale written in a different time. It would be like sacrificing one child for another one.

To put it another way, rereading a story is like looking at a snapshot of me in time.  When I put words on paper, or on the computer, I’m sharing a bit of who I am with the reader. Sure you may get to see them months, or years after I penned them, but you’re being given a peek at who I was then. And yes, I write horror, but I’m showing you the things that give me the shivers, or possibly a chuckle, at that particular point in my life.

If you do read any of my stories, or novels, be aware that I usually hide things in them, a joke or reference only one person may ever find. Some might be there expressly for that individual, but most are there for anyone adept enough to find them. I hope you manage to pick up on some of them.