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The Shadow Over Deathlehem

Halloween doesn’t have to be the only holiday filled with spooky, chilling tales. Grinning Skull Press has been publishing Christmas tales to keep you up at night for several years. They are part of the Deathlehem universe that is filled bit bad Santa’s, Krampus, evil trees and trolls and just plain folks who go a bit over the edge this time of year.

The Shadow Over Deathlehem is an Anthology of Holiday Horrors for Charity edited by Michael J. Evans and Harrison Graves will include my short (very short) story “Merry Christmas to All, And to All a Bright Night. This is the second Deathlehem anthology I’ve been proud to be a part of. Last year’s “Deathlehem Revisited” included my story “Christmas Shopping.” The release date for “The Shadow Over Deathlehem” is November 23. You can order it from Amazon. You can find “Deathlehem Revisited here:¬†

Either of these (or even better, both) would make a great gift for any horror fans on your shopping list.