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The making of Reunion

I did it again, neglected to post anything here for over two months (June & July). A lot has happened in those two months, so let’s catch up. First and foremost, my novel, “Reunion” from Grinning Skull Press was released on July 22nd at NECON. NECON is the New England Writer’s Conference and is held every July at the Roger Williams Convention Center in Portsmouth, R.I.

The first review on Amazon will tell you a lot about it and what one reader thought:

This is a very well written, quickly evolving, enthralling and deliciously creepy blend of horror and a mythical creature story. This mythical creature, the Oniare, has haunted the lakes and rivers of Vermont and surrounding locales for eons and takes its victims to spawn its next generation. This telling seamlessly weaves past and current periods together and is essentially the story of two 11 year old best friends and how they deal with this horror. Along the way, they’re assisted by grizzled veterans who have dealt with prior generations of this creature and lived to tell about it. I rarely read a book that hasn’t been reviewed by at least one reader, so this was a first for me. I wasn’t disappointed, thoroughly enjoyed it and finished in one sitting. A very impressive read!

The impetus for reunion came from my own 50th high school class reunion and my trip back to my home town to reunite with old friends. The rest of the story evolved from that. Reunion is a trip down memory lane for me in many ways, but mostly revisiting the town I knew so well back then. Even though I placed the story in a fictional town in Vermont, readers from my home town in New Jersey will no doubt recognize the setting.

In writing Reunion I played the “what if game.” What if the place you loved so early and spent so much time in as a child had a dark underbelly you didn’t know existed? What if that childhood friend that moved away had died instead? What if you had to go back and face a trauma you had fought so hard to forget? What if . . . well, you get it. The result of all these “what ifs” was a story that coupled memories from my childhood (all good) with the terrors of the what if I’ve learned to enjoy since then. If you read Reunion, and I hope you will, I hope you enjoy the trip.