Creative works by author Dan Foley.


Why do writers write? A good question. For me, it’s because things get into my head, stories I need to create, characters I need to meet. When I’m working on a story my world shrinks, or expands if you like, to the fantasy world in front of me on my computer screen. But it’s not just on the screen, it’s also alive in my head. I see the people on the page, I walk the same streets they walk, drink the same beer (or, rarely wine) they consume, feel their passion and I love them all, even the asshats.

Then, when the story is done, the tale is told, I want to share it. I want others (you) to meet the characters I have created, I want you to journey through their world, but to do that I have to submit it somewhere and hope it gets published. But that takes time, time I could spend writing, and new characters await. So I tell myself tomorrow, tomorrow I’ll submit this story, or that story, to this market, or that market. Then the stories pile up and the only ones to read them are me, my daughters, and a few friends. And that has to stop, because I really want my creations to get out there and walk around in the sunlight. So, the word for today is SUBMIT. Submit something, somewhere, and then do it again every Friday of every week until they’re all get out there. They may not all find a home, but they will all have had their chance.