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Power Cords Suck

Power cords SUCK. They suck energy out of the wall and dollars out of your pocket. If you’re anything like me you have dozens of them sitting around the house, half of which fit some device you longer have. And, you’re hanging onto them “just in case” they might fit into something someday. You’d think the makers of all these power cords could come up with a standard, one-type-fits –all cord so you wouldn’t have to carry a half dozen of them with you every time you leave the house for more than a few days. Wait…they could, but then they wouldn’t be able to sell millions of the little buggers to anyone foolish enough to lose one or leave one home when going on vacation.

So, I’m on vacation, and you guessed it, I left the power cord for my new (to me) iPad at home. I’ve got a cord to charge my phone, my laptop, my driving GPS and my golf GPS and none of them will fit the iPad. There were a few sitting around my daughter’s house and, you guessed it again, none of them fit either. I could go out and buy one, but then I’d have two cords that will only fit one device. Seems kind of silly and I don’t want to play into the hands of the power cord gods.

Well, even gods can be fallible it seems. Wonder of wonders the cord for my golf GPS (Bushnell) and my driving GPS (Garmin) have the same size connector and work equally well with either device. One plugs into my laptop and the other plugs into the power outlet (cigarette lighter for you old folks) in the car. I still don’t have one that plugs into the outlet in the house, but …oh well.

Now that I’m retired and looking for things to do I’m considering wrapping all those old cords into a ball. If you want to send me all your old cords (unless of course you’re hanging on to them in case they might fit into something someday) eventually I could apply for entry in the Guinness Book of Records…World’s Largest Power Cord Ball. Who knows, it could even become a tourist attraction. And, when I pass on, the copper in the cords could be my kids’ inheritance.