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Paying Attention to the Blog


I’ve been a bit remiss about posting here, so I’m going to make an effort to put something up here at least once a week. And, if you’re here, you’re probably a fan of horror and, hopefully, horror writers. This week I want to talk about Stacie Longo Harris, a horror writer who, along with her husband, also owns an independent book store, Books and Boos, at 514 Westchester Rd. in Colchester, CT.  Like most independent book stores, Books and Boos is struggling to stay alive. And if things don’t pick up soon, they may lose the struggle. So, what can you do, you ask? I’m glad you did, because I’m here to tell you. You don’t have to live near the store to purchase books there. You can use the wonder of the internet to order online. Just go to If you don’t see what you want, e-mail or call, you’re sure to get a great deal. Or, you can click on SUPPORT and help out that way. And remember, when the independents are gone, all you’ll have is are Amazon and whatever chains survive.  A few years ago who would have thought Borders would go the way of the dinosaurs? If you live in the area, or are just out for a weekend drive, stop in, have a cup of coffee and a cookie and enjoy a great (if small) independent book store.