Creative works by author Dan Foley.

Nothing is Cast in Stone

One of the things I’ve learned about writing fiction in general is that nothing is cast in stone. I’m not a writer who outlines my story before I write it. Without that preconceived structure, I sometimes find that I’ve taken a wrong turn and the story is going in a direction I’d rather not see it go. Rather than continue down that path I invoke the “do-over” principal. I retrace my steps until I reach the point at which the tale took veered of the path I wanted to travel. Then it’s, highlight the unwanted text, hit the delete key and, presto-chango, it never happened. Then, within a few keystrokes the story is back on track. I don’t do this very often, but it’s an invaluable tool to have at my disposal.

Another type of do-over is more of a “Whoa, I could do this but I need to go back and add or change something in chapter whatever. I really like this one because it allows me to insert some small detail that originally didn’t originally exist, but plays a key role later on.

Bottom line? Nothing is cast in stone until the tale is published. Feel free to change things, add things or delete things if it makes the story stronger. They’re your words, you can do what you want with them.