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Mini pillows and TP

After a week of traveling cross-country and now five days in an Embassy Suites, I’ve got to ask, what the hell happed to real pillows and toilet paper thicker than a single sheet of Kleenex? Wait, I take that back, the Kleenex is thicker and softer.

So, the pillows; the things are so small that if they placed on mint on one, the mint would hang over the sides. You think the bars of soap they give are tiny, try propping yourself on two of these things to watch TV, not happening. Four of them on a king sized bed still don’t reach from side to side. Taking one to a pillow fight would be suicide; you’d get beat to hell before you could get within striking distance of the enemy.

Now, the TP. I guess they think they’re saving money by using the cheap stuff. There must be studies to prove it, but I wind up using four times as much as I would of a thicker, softer brand so I can’t see how it could save that much. Well, maybe I do, for one thing nobody’s going to steal it, and for another I bet a lot of people just bring their own super soft Charmin. Either that or hold it till they can get somewhere with a softer roll.

Well, I’ve got to go now, the cramps are coming and my daughter’s house is a ten minute drive away.