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Intruder Backstory

One of the questions I’ve seen asked of writers, and I’ve been asked it myself, is, do you write fir yourself, or for your audience. The easy, answer would be for the audience. The real answer would be a little of both. Intruder, though, was written for me. If the reader enjoys it, and I hope you will, that’s an added bonus.

Intruder was a long time coming. I had to be far enough removed from my time on the boats, and away from nuclear power in general, before I could tell the story. A lot of the incidents in Intruder actually happened, and of course, many never occurred anywhere other than in the story. I’ll let you decide which did, and which didn’t.

The ghost, however, is very real and a submariner has to live with the threat of its chilling embrace every minute spent submerged. True, it’s actually a metaphor for the ocean that is always present, always threating to slip past the hull, always threatening to drown everyone on board and drag the boat to the bottom if it can. It’s there you live with it.

Throw in the isolation, the real possibility of a missile launch, the mind games we all play, and the Russians who are constantly searching for us, and you can start to appreciate the life every submariner lives and the tension that exists from the time the hatches are closed, and the Dive alarm sounds throughout the boat, and when they are opened again and we get that first wiff of fresh air.

So, if you read Intruder, keep in mind, the ghost is very, very real.