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Hell’s Working Girls in Strangely Funny 2 ½ : Coming in Late 2014

I just received the contract from Mystery & Horror LLC  for “Hell’s Working Girls” which will be published in Strangely Funny 2½.It will be out later this year. Here’s the cover for Strangely Funny II. I haven’t seen the cover for Strangely Funny 2½, but I’ll share it when I do. You can check out their website at As the title suggests, these tales will be horror with a humorous twist.

Sometimes getting what you wish for is not exactly what you thought it would be. In Chris’ case the girl of his dreams turns out to be more of a nightmare than a day in the park. It’s a funky little story I had a lot of fun writing. I hope you’ll check it out and have just as much fun reading it.