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Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve been here. Since 12/16 to be exact. I’ve got to do a better job of keeping this up. So, let’s catch up. I’ve published a new novella, “Gypsy,” from Grinning Skull Press.

Tim Ritter is dying, the Big C was eating him alive and he only had a few months to live. Or did he?

When a gypsy at a country fair offers him a chance at a new, cancer-free life, he has to decide if he is going to live out the death sentence the doctors have handed him or if he is willing to give up the life he has lived to become her instrument of vengeance for a crime that had been committed fifty years in the past.

Does he really have a choice? A chance at a new life versus a slow painful death . . .

Tim chooses life . . . and the consequences that come with it.

As one reader put it: GYPSY is a no-nonsense tale of judgement carried out for an unspeakable attack committed on a young woman. There is no excess of language, yet the entire story unfolds as a living breathing thing.

Gypsy is available on Amazon, B&N, and others. If you enjoy it, please post a review.