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Edit – Edit – Edit

So, you’ve just finished your first (short story, novella, novel). You’ve corrected all the things spell check says were wrong, you’ve reread it (twice) and that baby is ready to go out into the world. Think again sunshine. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s “You can not edit your own material.” “Why not” you ask. Because you know what you want it to say and you will read it that way regardless of what it actually says. Case in point, my recently completed novella, “Abandoned”, was critiqued and checked for errors by three excellent writers in my writing group. Each one found most of the same errors, but they all found some the others missed. After I had revised the work, correcting all the gaffs, I handed it to my daughter for one last check. She’s about half way through and has already found about a dozen things we all missed.

Moral of the story, edit, edit, edit, and then edit again. Then hand it off to a beta-reader. When all that is done you can feel confident you’ve gotten “most” of the type-o’s, wrong words, tense changes, incorrect POV’s, etc.

Now you can send it out into the big, bad world and hope an editor will buy it. And note that I said BUY IT. You and everyone else put a lot of work into this, don’t give it away.