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Birth of a Short Story

ah, make that a novella, or maybe a novel. I had an idea for a short story tentatively titled Step Right UP. It started out well but sometimes things happen you don’t expect. In Death’s Companion Carrie went from a minor character to a major force. She just refused to die and let the story move on.

Back to the new short story. When I write I tend to take breaks as I go along and ponder where to take it. When I went to bed Step Right Up was moving along quite well, I had the beginning and I knew the end (sort of), it was the middle I needed to work out (which sometimes changes the end). All that changed overnight. I woke up several times with the story running through my head and more was happening in it that would ever fit in a 4000 – 5000 word short story. So, now I have something running around in my head that needs to get out and I can’t wait to see what it is. What I do know is the title is going to change to something like The Grinning Man.