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When you (me) try and spend all your precious writing time on your work in progress, it’s just a tad difficult to remember to come over here and put something up on this page. As an example of that, here it is Wednesday, and I still haven’t come here to praise the wonderful gathering that AnthoCon has grown to be. The con started four years ago and I’ve been present for every one. I’ve seen it grow from a newbe testing the waters, to an annual gathering of writers, publishers, editors, and most importantly, friends.

For the first three years AnthoCon was held in November. This year, due to scheduling conflicts with other cons, it was moved to June. I hated waiting an extra seven months for AnthoCon 4, but the wait was well worth it. The hosts, Tim Deal, Mark Wholley and Johnny Morse  continue to improve things with a tweak here and there. This year they decided not to schedule panels and author readings in the same time slot. Great idea there, I did not have to sacrifice one event for another.

As the website ( says, AnthoCon is three days of panels, workshops, readings, and demonstrations related to imaginative fiction and art. What it doesn’t say, is what it is not. It is not a madhouse of costumed fans, of pretentious TV/movie personalities who will sell you a photo of themselves just so you can get an autograph. You won’t see Spiderman or Hellboy, you won’t have to stand in line to get your minute or two with a ??? sitting behind a table you can’t even reach across to shake their hand. Instead you can hang out with some of the best horror writers out there, dance to the AnthoCon band (Anthojam) or (forget handshakes) get a hug from some pretty awesome  people.

Another unique thing about AnthoCon is that they put out an anthology every year that is limited to authors that attend the con. It’s a very professional publication and contains some pretty impressive contributors (yes, I have a story in there). The title is Distant Dying Ember and is available on Amazon as a print or ebook if you’re interested.

Writing can be a lonesome task and sometimes it’s difficult to sit down at the keyboard and find the inspiration to create something out of nothing. Cons like AnthoCon and Necon (more about that in another post) are the spark that feed the fires of my imagination. And, with that said, it’s back to the keyboard to spin a new tale of bad things happening to good people. Hey, it is horror.