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Another Independent Gone

Last night I helped bring the curtain down on Books & Boos, in Colchester, CT. Before the lights went out and the doors closed for the final time, Peter Dudar and Bracken MacLeod entertained those of us there with readings from their works. Peter introduced us to the ‘clown smile’, a nasty little tale which elicited quite a few chuckles and shivers, while Bracken gave us a look at his work in progress. If he can maintain the same level throughout the entire work as he presented in the prologue, this will be a magnificent tale.

The closing of Books & Boos marks the loss of one more independent book store that provided a vehicle for local authors to meet the public, local craftsmen to display their wares and a place for our writing group to meet on a bi-weekly basis.

Every independent that closes is a loss we should all morn. Each has its own personality, its place in the local scene and provides a respite from chain booksellers like B&N and the now defunct Borders. Don’t get me wrong, B&N provides an outlet for new books, magazines, calendars, etc., but it lacks the personal feel of an independent book store. And, as Amazon continues to roll over the book selling industry, chain booksellers like B&N will probably go the way of Borders. I fear that day.

Here’s hoping we will see Books & Boos rise from the ashes and reopen in a new location soon.