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Abandoned, my next novel is set for release on June 1, 2106 from Books and Boos Press (


John Valeri, Hartford Books Examiner has this to say about Abandoned:  “Abandoned grabs you from the very beginning and doesn’t let go. This one will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.”


Here’s a bit of the backstory and a bit of what to expect from Abandoned.

Kenny Dufresne drummed his fingers on the table in the waiting room. He wanted a cigarette. Carol had been in the delivery room for what seemed like forever. Come on, kid, he thought, as he got up and peered down the corridor toward the nurse’s station. Carol was a hottie, five-foot two, eyes of blue and all that shit, but not anymore. Well, from the neck up she was, but from the neck down she was an oinker, swollen boobs and stretch marks that weren’t going away any time soon. Once she had the kid, and he got his money, he was out of New England with its cold and snow.

Florida, here I come, he thought, as he imagined white sand and hot chicks in bikinis.

§ § §

Johnny Walker, the dirt-bag lawyer, was as cool as a cucumber. He had been through this before. The cash, five-thousand dollars, was in his briefcase along with the signed copies of the papers turning the child over to him. (Kenny had signed for both himself and Carol, not exactly kosher, but what the hell.)

§ § §

Carol was on the delivery table, exhausted and traumatized. She had felt the baby slip from her vagina, finally, and then heard it cry. When the doctor said, “It’s a boy,” she almost told them to bring it back, but she knew she could never raise the child on her own. So she was letting him go to a family that really wanted him, a family that would care for him and love him more than she ever could. She had one glimpse of him, and then the nurse and the baby were gone.

§ § §

At the end of the day, Kenny was on the road to Florida with a pocket full of cash, the dirt-bag lawyer had the kid, and Carol was left with nothing but an empty womb, memories and regrets.


James Sutton has abandonment issues. Every time he ever got close to someone, it ended in disaster. He was abandoned at birth by his birth parents, at nine by his best friend Alex and his dog Trixie, at eighteen by his girlfriend Donna, and at thirty by his adoptive father who committed suicide and left James alone … again.

On a rare, warm day in January, James witnessed a man suffer a heart attack. The paramedics arrived in minutes, whisked the man away, but failed to see the pair of glasses lying on the ground where he had fallen. James retrieved them and felt their pain at also being abandoned. The solution was to retrieve the eyes.