Creative works by author Dan Foley.

A Book and its Cover

Unless a reader already knows which author or book they are looking for, an appealing cover can ean the difference between a sale, or a pass. I think the new cover for Death’s Companion, created by Duncan Eagleson will provide enough appeal for browsers to flip the book over and read the back panel. Here’s what they will find.

When Jerry Gibson chose to kill himself, he discovered that he couldn’t die. Instead, he became Death’s Companion, forced to share the deaths of countless others. Then, in one act of rebellion, Jerry save the life of a sixteen year old girl and unleashed a horror on the world that could destroy his immortal soul.

That paragraph is a tickler for the rest of the story. But it can only say so much. The new cover deals with a completely different part of the story, the soul eater that Jerry unleashed and the young girl it inhabited.

For me, the neat thing about the cover is seeing Duncan’s vision for Death’s Companion after reading the book. In too many cases, the illustration on the cover has nothing to do with the story contained within. In this case, Duncan has done an excellent job of bringing the heart of the story to life.

It’s also a special treat when a peer, another author you respect, give the story a five star rating. Here’s what Elizabeth Massie had to say about Death’s Companion.

Dan Foley offers a new and very creative take on the soul and its inevitable journey, and from that crafts a fascinating, touching, and terrifying tale. He’s created characters we come to know well, characters we root for and agonize over. He leads them down a dark pathway riddled with danger, mayhem, and death. Without offering a spoiler, let me just say that one major twist near the end was perfect and it caught me by surprise. Recommended!