Creative works by author Dan Foley.

2016 Bring It On

2016, bring it on. I just completed a contract that took me back to the world of the working man and away from the world of the writing man. Now that that’s over, I’m back to working on my next novel, Wolf’s Tale. More about that a bit later. I hope to be a bit more active in the writing world in 2016. That means more blog entries, more submissions, and more writing.

My short story, “Christmas Shopping” is included in “Deathleham Revisited,” a charity anthology from Grinning Skull Press. It is available is at on paperback or ebook. All profits go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, so I urge you to order one.

My next novel, Abandoned,” will be published by “Books and Boos” and is scheduled for release in June. “Abandoned is the story of James Sutton. James has abandonment issues. He was abandoned at birth by his birth parents, at nine by his best friend Alex and his dog Trixie, at eighteen by his girlfriend Donna, and at thirty by his adoptive father who committed suicide and left James alone … again.

His father’s death proved to be the last straw for James. Now it was time for a little payback.

“Reunion” another novel, is complete and looking for a home. Reunion is my adaptation of an Iroquois legend concerning the oniare, a dragon-like horned water serpent lurking in the Great Lakes to capsize canoes and eat people. Its breath is often said to be poisonous.

“Wolf’s Tale,” my current work in progress, is the story of Melvin “Wolf” Lobo. Wolf was is one of the central characters in “Intruder,” my haunted submarine novella. Wolf has been running around in my head ever since I finished “Intruder.” It’s nice to get back to him to see what he’s been up to since returning home to Louisiana. One surprise—he meets up with Old Mose, a voodoo priest from one of my short stories, “Fat Tuesday,” (included in my short story collection “The Whispers of Crows.”