Creative works by author Dan Foley.

18 ½ miles!

For me, one of the small pleasures in life is breakfast out. I can think of no better way to start my day than having someone cook my breakfast and then serve it to me while I read the newspaper or enjoy a good book. Today I watched my waitress, who knows just about everyone by name, move from table to counter and back to table like a kid hunting for Easter eggs. I don’t think she ever stopped. I asked her if she had any idea how far she walks every day, her answer, 18 ½ miles. She actually wore a pedometer one day to find out.

18 ½ miles! When’s the last time you walked 18 ½ miles? Could you even do it? I couldn’t. Now, how would you like to walk 18 ½ miles five days a week? Think about that the next time your waitress stops by your table and hits you with a refill on that endless cup of coffee that comes with breakfast. The she stops at the next table, and the next, and the next, and then it’s back behind the counter to drop off the pot and snag another order: this one for a table of four. She artfully balances two orders on her left arm, picks up the third in her left hand and, finally, grabs the fourth in her right hand. Twenty steps and she’s around the counter and placing breakfast in front of two hungry couples, who by the way, have finished their first cups of coffee and are ready for refills. Before she can do that, though, she needs to get to the cash register to check someone out. A step here, two steps there, and by the end of the day she’s clocked 18 ½ miles.